Secfenia Tribune

Volume 6, Issue 4 0106.15

Fue de Joie II is dead!

As the sun rose early in Zion, the people of the Union of Secfenia got a surprise. One of the Dualarchs had been stabbed with a dagger. Reports have to that it occured yesterday night. A stranger entered his house and stabbed the Dualarch. This has brought a huge range of emotions from the people of the Union of Secfenia, everything from mourning to songs of joy which state "Horray! The Witch is Dead!".

According to US rules, he would be succeeded by whomever he appointed, but according to our best knowledge, no one was ever selected. What will happen to the US now? Is there only one Dualarch?

Andorra Ambassadors

Andorra has sent its ambassadors to all nations in a move to better its public image. "Stability is important in this day and age. I want to help us all become better friends and help stability," Blondebeard told us in an exclusive interview. Will Andorra be accepted? Will peace reign?

IME Release Updated Rates

1 Rupal = 0.25 Dollars = 0.20 Diners = 0.10 Secfals

-*-*-*- End of Tribune -*-*-*-
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