This is a page dedicated to Viceroy's Original Home on the web. Viceroy has had a web facing page since 1995. The original location was with a company known as Geocities. The address was As Geocities expanded, they began to organize it into different neighborhoods. So, I moved to TheTropics. Later on, they asked for suggestions and I gave them one for what became TimesSquare. I got the first address at TimesSquare\7400. It was a very nice bit of web real estate. Ads were added which were minorly annoying, but understandable as they didn't charge for the service.

In Late 1998, news of a potential Yahoo buy out, led to many Geocities homesteaders turning their pages' backgrounds to black to indicate our disapproval of the purchase. Many feared that Yahoo would shake up everything and try to push everyone towards premium services. The buy out ended up happening in January 1999 and took control officially on May 28th. The acquisition was very unpopular and users began leaving en masse over the changes Yahoo was pushing out. One of them was that per their new Terms of Service Yahoo owned all rights and content, including media such as pictures.

Yahoo ended up reversing this policy, but continued to push for premium features to be added and limited data for the free service. With Yahoo at the hand of Geocities, it was clear that Geocities would be driven into the ground. Mistake after mistake seemed to haunt the service. Rumors started as early as 2001 of Geocities being shut down. Yahoo officially pulled the plug on Geocities in the US on April 23, 2009 giving until October 26, 2009 for residents of Geocities to get their stuff and get out.

When Viceroy's Original Home shut down, several sites were created instead to cover the interests Viceroy Had: Secfenia. This was originally the home to a lot of the RPG History of the first iteration of Secfenia. Since then, it's been modified into the Online RPG The World of Secfenia NFL Picks. Moved the NFL Picks to it's own domain.
Viceroy's Area (on Tripod before they were bought out): This was a collection of assorted interests of Viceroy. Some of these items stayed on that site for a while. Others have been moved to

I've also attempted to recreate the Sailor Moon page that was on Viceroy's Original Home.

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