Secfenia Tribune

Volume 5, Issue 1 0002.10

Fires in New Fullerium

New Fullerium, N.F. - Over the past week, several fires have been started in the area of New Fullerium. The fires have resulted in loss of about 14 homes. The government has yet to respond to this current through and some believe that this may be the act of a terrorists. Sources state that each fire had a sign not too far from them that read:

"Here's a fire! Have a great day! - Albright"

Stock Market Crash

SMNN - SMNN has reported the largest stock market crash in the history of the stock market. It appears that the confidence level of the people who trade stocks have dropped since the reorganization of the company Pear. Pear is currently owned by all the citizens of New Fullerium and Jenusfia. Pear, being the last remaining computer company has seen a loss in revenue after the company was split according to the will of Lufue Zue. We asked several people what they thought of the Pear situation.

A man from United Secfenia stated, "I will be hestitant to buy a new computer until this situation is resolved."

Reorganization is the new buzz word

Valleria has announced that they will be reorganizing their government to enable Valleria to return to a very prosperous nation. Valleria expects the changes to begin shortly.

Also, Xyram has finished their elections. Ursula Bergernaig was elected president. Zelgadis Greywers was elected Vice-President. The Speaker of the Senate is now Emilia Seyruun. The changes in the government have been spawned by the problems in the nation of Xyram.

Several other nations have hinted at a reorganization, but none have completed or begun it at the time of printing.

Albright Wins Estate

Natonito Albright has won the old estate of Lufue Zue. With it, Natonito Albright gains about 100 million diners worth of other valuables on the property.

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