Secfenia Tribune

Volume 5, Issue 2 0003.08

Marshall Forbes Missing!

Carabinoville, N.F. - We have verified that New Fullerium Marshall Forbes is missing. Several Government agencies are looking into the matter. Chief of Staffs Chris Duval said, "It is a sad day in New Fullerium. We, as a people, loved our leader and are very upset at his current disappearance. I have asked all New Fullerium flags to be flown at three-quarters mast to show how we as a nation feel." New Fullerium Authorities state that there are currently no leads and that the investigation will take time.

His disappearance comes at a bad time for New Fullerium. With a set of fires that have broken out by an Albright, New Fullerium has been asking for answers on how to solve the problem. New Fullerium has dedicated more security to some areas and added more firemen. Will this be enough? Where is Marshall Forbes? Is he still alive?

Computer Expo

Tunis, Valleria - Linus Alpha has set out to do what never has been done before in Secfenia - a Computer Expo. Linus Alpha has announced that the Computer Expo will be held in Valleria starting 0004.01. The Computer Expo, which is currently being funded by Linus Alpha, Sectec, and a number of private individuals, is expected to show off Computer Systems, Operating Systems, Games, and more! The Computer Expo will be free to everyone who wishes to come.

Free T-shirts will be distributed to the first 10 people who arrive. Otherwise, there will be T-shirts available at the different booths throughout the expo. CircleHard and Tierra, leaders of the world of computer games, will be presenting their new games and some revised games for your purchase and/or viewing pleasure.

Also, after the free t-shirts are given away, a keynote speech will be given by Linus Alpha and then the show will begin. You can either reserve your tickets now or get a ticket at the door.

Union of Nations?

University of New Fullerium, N.F. - Dr. Muria proposed a treaty that would create a union of nations. The union of nations would still keep the nation's government, but would add a higher multi-national government. So far, the proposal has recieved with mixed feelings. Valleria has stated that it can not do so at this time due to its current status. The US and Zion have flirted with the idea a little, but not a bunch has been done with the plan. Will the plan die? Sources say that this is only the beginning of a desire to reconcile. Dr. Muria stated, "I have proposed an idea for the people of Secfenia to finally come back together. It is only a matter of time before Secfenia comes back together. We all share the dream of returning, but we are afraid to do so quickly. I understand that and I share that fear, but there is nothing to fear, but fear itself."

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