Secfenia Tribune

Volume 5, Issue 3 0004.14

Marshall Forbes Returns!

Carabinoville, NF - After news of the death of Chief of Staffs Duval, Marshall Forbes has returned! Thousands upon thousands of people stood in front of the New Fullerium Palace to hear of the current news. Rumors have it that there was some strangers in town that were the last people to see Duval.

The New Fullerium Palace Staff have reported that Marshall Forbes has indeed returned and will be undergoing medical attention for at least the next few days.

Xyram Senate Votes...

Xyram - In a vote of untold importance, the Xyram Senate voted to join Valleria. The vote occured over the past few days with arguments from both sides. Since the President and speaker did not vote, the senate will have to wait the mandated 3 days for a veto by the president. The vote for joining Valleria was 64% for, 5% against, and 31% abstaining. If the Xyram president uses the power of veto, then the proposal will technically void. However, the president has until 0004.17 to use that power or else Xyram will become a part of Valleria.

While touring the area, we found that there was a number of people who were neither for or against the union. There were a good portion of the population that did want it and we ran into only one who was diametrically opposed to it. Overall, we believe that the people of Xyram will have an easy transition.

If Xyram does become part of Valleria, that will continue the shift in power that Valleria has enjoyed recently. History has not always been so kind to the Vallerians as they have been invaded several times as well as expelled from their homeland. Will this resurgent Valleria continue? Will they become the power that they at one time had to fear? Will they continue to prosper in peace?

Computer Expo...

Tunis, Valleria - The computer expo hosted by Sectec and Linus Alpha is still in session. Vendors have opened booths to show off their new softwares. The expo to this point has been a big success. Pear is expected to show off tomorrow their new Office Suite which will include Pear-a-graph, etc.

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