Secfenia Tribune

Volume 5, Issue 4 0005.15

IME Announces New Rates

IME has recently announced the new currency exchange rates. News of the new currency rates caused some concern in several countries, but as the numbers were released, concern waned. Analyst Charles Matthus said, "It seems the winner of this recent update has been the Jenusfian Dollar which has raised itself to a more comparable fashion than what it had been previously. The Jenusfian people should be well pleased at this news. I believe that the new rates truly show the status of the nations. Valleria is showing promise in its currency and its it foriegn relations. Furthermore, expect that as time continues for the Valleria Cheskal to continue to rally as well as the US Denar and the Jenusfian Dollar."

No government has yet to comment on the IME rates, but the rates have been enforced in the nations that have been inforcing IME rules.

Valleria: Land of Promise?

Tunis, Valleria - Xyram's recent merger with Valleria has caused some interesting affects. Xyram has recently had some problems with their medical programs. However, Valleria has implemented a new medical system that they hope will cure the Xyram Region's problems. Sources state that "the medical system that Valleria is implementing here is much more complex and organized than our previous lack of one." Before Valleria expanded into Xyram, the Xyram people did not have a medical system. Nurses existed in areas and were unregistered. This led to several problems. The Medical situation has improved tenfold since Valleria has recieved possession of the territory.

Also, since conditions in the Xyram Region have been so bad, some people are leaving the island area and going to the Vallerian mainland. It appears as if the richer portion of the Xyram Region are leaving the island for search of jobs in the new area of Valleria.

The people of the Xyram Region seem to be happy with the changes that are slowly coming to their land. One bystander said, "Xyram has been through a lot. We have lost our origins and our knowledge of how to survive. Valleria is giving us the ability to get back on the bike and try and peddle towards understanding who we are. It will take some of us a while to get used to being Vallerians, but it isn't like we haven't had name changes in the nation before..."

Computer Expo Ends

Tunis, Valleria - Yesterday, the computer expo ended on a strong positive note. Sectec and Purple announced its exclusive agreement and policy of quality to the public. Pear has finished showing off its line of Office Software. Critics commented about the errors in the offered systems by both companies.

The Ending Keynote Speech was given by Sectec Division Executive Director Michael Krayes. In his speech, he discussed how what "we have seen today will lead to a better tomorrow for all of us." The speech went through how the computer companies of today have seen and reached out to meet the horizon of the future. He also discussed the relation of computers to all Secfenians. He concluded the speech with a statement that will later symbolize this first conference:

"Technology is no longer for governments and corporations, but is now a service to all people of Secfenia."

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