Secfenia Tribune

Volume 5, Issue 4 0012.27

Unrest continues in New Fullerium

Carabinoville, New Fullerium - Several cities have had serious issues with mobs in New Fullerium. Mayors of some cities have fled to safer areas. There are a number of fears that anarchy may be around the corner for New Fullerium. Several citizens of New Fullerium that would talk with us said that they would probably flee even though that may mean leaving behind everything that they own. As one lady said, "It would be better to leave without nothing than to have to have nothing to leave."

Several attempts have been made to get to the New Fullerium palace, but none were successful. The last known ways of contacting the government all have failed. No one seems to know if there really is a ruling government or if it has fallen. Some sources report that the government was taken over several months ago. No one really knows at this point. If someone doesn't calm the people soon, New Fullerium may only worsen. Rumors are flying about.

International Monetary Exchange May Release New Rates

IME - Sources close to the Garen Financial Group state that the International Monetary Exchange May Release New Exchange Rates to the public sometime soon. In some countries, that caused the stock markets to sky rocket. US and Shi'tain Stock Markets rose sharply on news of the new rates. Analysts in the area of New Fullerium are very concerned. Analyst Chi Fulla said, "Due to the situation in New Fullerium, I fear that the new rates will shine even worse light on the situation and make the situation worse."

No official word from the Garen Financial Group has officially stated that they will release new rates. If they do, they will be published on the IME website which can be found at

Pear Inc. Announces New Processor P4

Tampa, Jenusfia - James Legan, CEO of Pear Inc. has announced that Pear will develope the P4 Processor based off the Pear4 Architecture. According to white documents about the new Processor, it will support the RISC-E 2 and 3 standards. However, the Processor and the soon to be beta tested Bartlett OS will be optimized for the Pear4 Architecture. According to the white papers, "We will support the RISC-E 2 and 3 standards to ensure the previous customers of our company will once again be able to enjoy their systems. While we do encourage those who wish to use their machines to their maximum potential to use systems that support the P4 architecture, we understand that not all desire to do so."

Market analysts say that the New P4 Processor currently doesn't have any motherboards to support it. This limitation may become a problem if new boards are not developed for the chip. However, if they are, then some market analysts believe that the new P4 may give Pear record sales or at the very least ensure it stays profitable.

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