What is the Pandora Project?

The Pandora Project was created as place for people of various interests to come together at our various websites to sit back, relax and have a little fun. It was created as a global umbrella for the websites that we manage. In various years past, different umbrella names have been used for projects (including Red Lion Productions, Tape Station One, and Viceroy's Interactive). On this site, you can view some of the legacy endeavors that were done either under this umbrella or various other names. The project has always tried to create memories not only for himself, but others who shared in the various projects.

With the help of volunteers, the Pandora Project continues. If you would like to assist of have ideas for new projects, please feel free to contact him.

Who runs/owns the Pandora Project?

Bobby Russ (aka Da Viceroy)

As a seasoned lover of RPG's, Sports, and more, Bobby brings this passion to the web for the enjoyment of our visitors. Hailing from the United States of America, his background is customer service and computer science.

He originally started off on what was the precursor to the Internet as we known it today. He was on several BBS's and watched as the web connected together. He was online before google and has watched many companies rise and fall online. He's had accounts on many of the different early web hosting providers before getting his own domain. Now, he resides over multiple domains all grouped under one umbrella - The Pandora Project.

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