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By Bobby Russ (1997)

NOTE: This poem was answered by Song by Shannon Giel

There are many words
Like the quantity of birds
In the warm Spring.
Oh, what words can bring!!

The heart holds much
Like a cabinet dutch.
Words can't always express
the spectrum of the love confess.

A decision that has to be made
Love can't be a facade...
Can't hide it
When it has you bit.

"I will wait..."
Till a certain date?
Till a time?
Is it worth only a dime?

A gentle dove...
An always love?

A gentle answer calms all
What is going to be the call?
Time will tell...
Here sounds the bell!

My heart! My heart!
Those feelings donít depart!
The answer awaiting
For a "yes" ringing...

If only I knew...
The possibilities are few...
Will it be renewed?

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