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The Girl
By Bobby Russ (1997)

Sadly she sits inside
Locked within herself.
Seeing things from the outside
She knows not the self -

The World around,
a nightmare.
She's not on solid ground!
To herself, she glares.

Some do not udnerstand.
They think she is shy
Yet she knows now the command
to make her confusion die.

She knows of another her.
One she surely does fear
The Inner that is a blur
Yet is so very dear.

It is an important part -
the one acts sometimes
Ruining the way of the heart
giving her misery many times.

The Girl within the girl
Oh, what shall she do?
She has a hidden pearl
Can release now? No...

She is locked up.
By who? By the one.
Like a little pup
Needing freedom won.

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