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Good Night
By Bobby Russ (October 23, 2002)

Dedicated to Jacquelynn May Gillespie

Sitting at the computer
I await for her to log on
Like a patient suitor
Who knows love's not gone

Here sounds the open door
The night chat begins
And truly I to her adore
Even more than the 'Fins

"How was your day?"
Fingers across the keyboard slide
With tears like showers in May
In her I can confide

She brings on many a happy smile
Causing my heart to sing
Many good memories now to file
For all of them she did bring

I love my lil dingo
With joy she fills my heart
To bed I must go
But thoughts of her will not part

As my eyes close
I hear our whisper
A symbol and a simple prose

I love you, my dear.
Sleep well.
Pleasant Dreams.
Good night.

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