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What Happened?
By Bobby Russ (March 13, 2001)

Some days the future seems clear
it seems so sweet and so dear
sometimes the days just blend away
and I wonder where goes the day?

What happened?  How did we get here?
What happened?  What happened there?
Things seem so different now
dreams have taken a bow

Remember years ago when we promised
But what happened?  Why did we miss?
The future seems not so clear...
Is there a reason to fear?

Why is it so different today?
How could this happen?  I'm in dismay!
It was all so planned out
and yet it never panned out

Why didn't things turn out that way?
Are we to just get further and further away?
Where did all the smiles go?
Where did all the days go?

How did the future sneak up so quickly?
How did our dreams pass so quickly?
What happened to the past?
It was over in a unnoticable blast!

How did the calendar pages fly?
How did I not turn into that guy?
How did things get this way?
How could it be this way?

I never imagined it would be so
How did things change so?
How could thing happen?
Where go the pen?

Where is the past?
I'm agast!
Before I realize it, the moment is gone
wait... is that another morning dawn?

How could this be?
Is this really me?
When does this dream end?
What happenen to my friend?

What happened to us all?
Did fate us befall?
When did fate pass us
Like a speedy school bus?

The time fly by
Did we have to say "Bye"?
I don't understand it all
where go did it all?

It was ago six years
when your eyes were filled with tears
Wasn't that just yesterday?
What happened to today?
Is it gone already?

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