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She's In My Heart
By Bobby Russ (1999)

She�s in my heart
Never shall she depart
Love dwells by her side
And us soon abide

Togetherness can�t be far
For we are on par.
Green is our course
Such a perfect course

There may be a dent
But who cares?  It�s in the past!
Perfect is It in the present
Mistakes forgotten in the past

She�s in my heart
Why be apart?
There�s no reason on forth
To stop the marvelous mirth

What can stop destiny?
I do not try...
Will you?  Will any?
Hopefully, it won�t die.

The warmth she brings
Makes me feel like a king of kings
Nothing is better, right?
Aah! What a happy night!
For she is in my heart.

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