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The Time of Joy
By Bobby Russ (2000)

The sun rises over the horizon
A new world in the vision
The Blissful, happy, warm day
Can not be very far away

Images and dreams flow forth
As the new time gives birth
to hope and peace and love
Which makes high fly the dove.

We wait in eager joy
More than any kid for any toy
Knowing the day is somewhere near
Knowing that gone will be fear.

Old things will be made new
Hope no longer for the few.
Great news the future holds
Gone will be the blizzard colds

Warmth shall spring forth from the heart
And Peace shall never depart.
The future is clear
And to it I hold dear.

There is a time of rejoicing soon to be
I am happy it will happen to me
And all my friends and all of mankind
a true change to a pure mind

Hurts will become a thing of the past
And jealousy and hatred not last.
The time of joy is near
Have no fear

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