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The Key
By Bobby Russ (1999)

A sweet melody flying above
With a glorious happiness
Unlike the sick dove
And the below sadness

Freedom on high
Rejoicing coming together
Unlike the locked girl
With the hidden pearl

What can stop them?
Who is happier than them?
Who can free her?
How can she endure?

What will happen?
Will it happen?
Will freedom be won?
Will they become one?

Time will tell
If the sweet bell -
Oh, the joy of it!
They surely do fit!

Will she be locked away?
Maybe, itíll end this day...
Or the next... or ever?
Will they be together forever?

Tomorrow shall be a new day
With the hope of today
I can not forget her
Always wanting to be together

Maybe the key will be found
And let her spirit rise
Higher and higher off the ground

We would win the prize!
Oh, happy would we be!
What a joy and surprise!

All that is needed is the key!
Can we find it?
Will we be?

Where is it?
For us to be,
We need it.

Much hope is with me
For it can be found
For time is with us

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