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A Letter To My Love
By Bobby Russ (1997)

She's the one who is in my heart.
And the one in my mind.
When she's around, Sadness does depart
And Happiness I do find.

She's the one who Smiles (!)
and the author of a thousands more...
My mind away files
all the sweetness from her evermore.

She is the one I can not forget
for her kindness and love shines
ever since the day our hearts met.

So special is she to me.
She is like the sun
who rises to let light be
and to let the cold be done.

She is the warm in my life.
The one who makes it Spring.
Love is such a wonderful thing
especially what it can bring.

Happiness is only given
and never can be bought
Towards happiness me she has driven
so that we together can it be caught.

With my whole heart, her I do love
And I hope that we can share many days together
As the happy couple we are today...

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