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By Bobby Russ (1996)

Dedicated to all daughters

There is a lady,
daughter of two in love,
whose cheerfulness is the key.
The common bird of her life - the dove.

She is a dear daughter.
Her smile is as large as two towns.
She has the luckiest father
To have the daughter with no frowns.

Her happiness is like fire
Quickly it is spreading
Many she does inspire
As she keeps on smiling.

Her grand smile brightens the day
And she is well loved by all.
People hate when she is away
For they love her sweet morning call.

She continues to dance
With a song in the air
As she continues to prance
around and around with flowing hair.

She has many joys.
She loves to them share
With all girls and boys.
For others she truly does care.

Happy is her life
With a pleased father
and his beautiful wife
Watching the growth of their daughter.

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