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The One Stand Marriage
By Bobby Russ (1997)

NOTE: This poem is a parody of Marriage

Oh, my dear, I must say
This is an important day
I know and joyfully see
That afterwards we shall have glee
Today we may together walk
But dont count on forever we talk.
I care not if you die
For I am the user  I am THE guy!
Happy is your father and mother
And teary-eyes are your sister and brother
They see us walk down the aisle.
Oh, will this end quickly?  Seems like a mile.
Lustfully and greedily I step.
Why do they have so much pep?
Come on!  Lets hurry up!  Hurry, clown!
Ha!  The only thing I care about is under the gown!
Her love shines forth like a beam.
Shes living in a bittersweet dream.
She expects continuous joy.
Ha!  She is only a toy!
A one-stand we shall be
For love is an unused key.
We stand together holding hands
Exchanging our wedding bands.
This day will last forever  Not!
Oh, our love can never be bought
I have waited for too long
To have you where you belong.
Dreams you fantasize that we share.
For we will never forever be a pair.
We share our ceremonial line.
In marriage he us combine.
We are now proclaimed to be one.
Lets hurry! So we can get it done.
Ha!  Tonight and a week we may be!
Oh, Lucky Me!  Ha!  Genius Me!

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