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The Tragic Kingdom
By Bobby Russ (1997)

There was a Tragic Kingdom.
The people became numb.
They cared not for them
Nor for the her or him.
Lost their kind King
And their noble Knights.
Gone are all their happy things
The war destroyed it all
Know the people cry...
Will all the Knights die?

The dreams of all disappearing...
Who can save the Kingdom?
Who can save the Dreams?

The Kingdom is cursed!
Hope has become futile.
No one can stare in the sky
Without wanting to cry.

Where's the Noble Ones?
Why the Jesters rule?
They argue and argue...
Sending the Land into chaos
Damage upon Damage
More and More!

The people hurt and cry!
Some look to die.
Others don't care
They can no longer bare
the multitudes of pain
And the Tragic Gain.

The Tragic Kingdom became home.
The Tragic Kingdom was theirs.
They were the Tragic Members...

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