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All You Are
By Jon Westrick (April 2002)

Who are you?
You are very unique.
Let me tell you about you,

You are as gentle and warm
As a soft summer breeze
As knowing and wise 
As the sages o're the seas
You're thoughtful and loving
My very best friend
So strong and so loyal
You'll hold out till the end.
So willing and generous
you give and you lend
As sweet and as kind
As a young lady can be
And lovely and pretty
You appear so to me.
But no matter your looks
It makes no difference to me
For the beauty on the inside
Is what I more clearly do see
What I love about you
Is not just your nose nor your eyes
Your soft pretty hair, nor delicate size
It is your mind, your precious mind
Such a wonderful treasure
And makes being with you
a most glorious pleasure
It is your mind
Your wonderful mind!
And this, my little friend
So beautiful and true
Makes up the essence
The essence of

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