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The Broken Heart
By Jon Westrick (1995)

In the beginning I had love in my heart
It was something I valued right from the start.
I knew it would bring happiness to one's life,
not to mention a key to finding a loving wife.
I now see that all love brings is great strife.

No pain is greater than having your heart broke
It's something you must bear, like a heavy yoke.
The wish man will not make my own mistake
He will not take the risk of facing heart break

I ask you, what is your own love worth?
It buys you no gold that is on this earth.
So, take it from me whoever so hears
Love only brings you worry and fears.
When these prove true, they turn to tears.

So, I shall never love again, this I do say.
But aye, this feeling will soon pass away.
The love will return into my saddened heart
Just like it existed right from the start.
I'll see it's value and never again will part.

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