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The Cruel Friend
By Jon Westrick (1999)

Be cheerful my friend, be cheerful in happy song.
She will not be yours, is this not plain to see?
Did your girl leave you? Leave you, oh so sad?
Is that such a reason to mourn?  No, be glad.
Is this fair, young lass all there is to this life?
Did you really want her as your very own wife?
With her, there is just trouble and strain.
Just a teasin and tiring your poor weary brain.
Think of this woman, now what does she do?
Makes you so miserable, gloomy and blue.
Does she not make your heart a toy in her hand?
To mangle your mind so much you cannot stand?
Is she worth so much to you my friend true?
No, she is not...she is not meant for you.
She won't be yours this you cannot just see?
How do I know?  This morning she married me.

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