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The Enemy
By Jon Westrick (April 2002)

I have an enemy
Who attacks each day
He messes my life up
And gets in the way
He takes all my hopes.
And grabs every dream
Then stamps and grinds them
In the dust it does seem
He makes it so hard
To continue each day
He never has anything
Good or uplifting to say
He won't say a kind word
He attacks all the while
Keeping me wretched
And unable to smile

He sees all my weaknesses
And knows where I lack
And when I am down
He stages a  bitter attack
Making me feel lonely
And feeling sad too
He always has reasons 
For making me blue
Telling me to give it up 
And not finish the race
He wants me to slow
And slacken my pace

He is my enemy
And gives me a fight
Making my load heavier
When it could be quite light
Perhaps you are wondering
Who this can this monster can be?
My friend, I will tell you.
That villain is me

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