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Emotions of Heartbreak
By Jon Westrick (June 2002)

It comes and it goes
But never really stops
The pain is always aching
Aching!  Aching! Aching!
Oh how I wished it'd stop
I wish that you would use your key
And love me like you could.
My dearest, I would die for you
If ever you thought I should.
But the pain is always near me.
Near me! Near me! Near me!
And never seems to stop
The torture doesn't leave me.
The torture and the sorrow
Forever they do stay
Always aching; always throbbing
Why must it be this way?
The pain it doesn't wither
Nor does it go away
It's just there.
Always there!!
Haunting me, taunting me
More than I can bear.

But then I feel it changing
The pain has started changing
It is changing into hatred
Hatred, bitter hatred
With questions,
So many are the questions
Tiring my poor,and weary brain
With no answers I'm left hanging
Hanging! Hanging! Hanging!
No answers only questions
More fuel added to the fire
Feeding my forever growing ire
Now my blood within me  boiling
And my mind begins the toiling
Searching for the answers
Of what made things turn out so
And forever I am wondering...
The everlasting question
Oh why,  Oh why
Was I not good enough?

And I am thinking  Yes, I'm thinking
The more I think
The more I rage
Now my feelings they are raging
Constantly I'm raging
Every fiber in me raging
All this madness
Drives me crazy
And the anger it does grow
The anger inside me burning
Yet for you, I still am yearning
Yearning! Yearning! Yearning!
And my anger it is flaming
Ever burning, ever flaming

And now I'm going crazy
It's the love, madness and the anger
All three rolled into one
No!  Please not them all together
I can't take them three together
Oh this pain! Oh this sorrow!
Will it leave me on the morrow?
Go! Go!  GO!
But the answers the same
No! No! No!
It doesn't ever go!
Never does it go
Now I've had it
Going crazy!
The madness in me blazing
Burning faster, burning higher
Nothing calms my deep desire
Thoughts of you they never tire
All within me filled with fire
Growing  Higher! Higher! Higher!
And I'm filling up with pain
Oh such Pain!
Heartfelt Pain!
Pain! Pain! Pain!
Ache! Ache! Ache!
Hurt! Hurt! Hurt!

STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!!!!

What is this I am saying?
This constant moaning and
This constant anger
A weakness and a failing
This madness must be stopped.
For what good will do my moaning
And  bitterness in me growing
What good will it do
For others who are hurting?
Others worse off than me.
So, I must buck up and be strong
For to Act this way is wrong
And forever I must go on
Accepting that which is
Not thinking of myself
For now I've faced the test
The anger and sorrow
Just put them both to rest
It just cannot be
For this I must accept
What I once dreamed of
Cannot be so
Once accepted
the pain
Will surely go
And despite all the heartache,
There is one thing that I have
One thing that I must cherish
No one can take it away from me
My ability to love and care for
The love of God . The love of others
Doing what I can
Striving to do better
Striving! Striving! Striving!
To put the past into the past.
Life may not always be the best
But still I must go on
Always showing love
Deep sincere love
With God's help
Godly love
Love! Love! Love!
Forever I must love.

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