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It's Hugs! My Hugs!
By Jon Westrick (May 2002)

I come on-line and here she comes
It's Hugs!  My Hugs!
The most wonderful screen name
I ever did see!
It's Hugs!  My Hugs!
The close friend I chat with
And whom I come to confide
It's Hugs! My Hugs!
Sharing each other life's
Through chat and e-mail
Day after day
Night after night
It's Hugs!  My Hugs
And when I feel life's sorrow
And deep mental pain
She is always right there
To give me those
Hugs! Her Hugs!
Through serious conversation
And laughter too
Who will always own a piece of my heart?
I'll tell ya who
It's Hugs!  My Hugs

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