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The True Number One
By Jon Westrick (October 2002)

There once was a young athlete,
A ball player, in his prime.
A hitter, fielder he excelled in his game
And he knew he'd be a shoo in
For the big league hall of fame.

When opposing teams came to town
They did so with a certain dread 
His stature made them shutter
It was off their fears that he fed
Swing after Swing, hit after hit
Catch after Catch, run after run
This star could not be topped
For around the bases he sped
First! Second! Third! Home!
This slugger could not be stopped.

His team they all praised him
To the Series one day they came
And with the mightiest blast
He won for them the game
Now that it was over
And now that he had won
He stood by his teammates
And he laughed and he sung
For the excitement within himself
Could not be contained
O'r the thrill of the winning
And the fame that he gained.

He looked straight up
To the frolicking crowd
Those fans who adored him
His talent  they loved.
He looked up to them
With tears in his eyes
He gave a loud yell
And said to the skies

I am the best
The best
Looky at me!
I am the fastest, the strongest
A star,
Can't you see?
And here I stand
The game is all done
For nothing else matters
I am the number one

As years went by and time did pass
Our great and gifted athlete
Could not play or run so fast
This wonderfully talented man
Began to slow and lose grip
He could not hold the bat
And down his average did slip
The fans they all booed him
And watched someone new
A younger, faster player
Whose talent was true
Our hero's days were over
No more seasons in the sun
The end of the big games
And all the pennants he'd won.

Our once outstanding athlete
Aged with the passing of time
An old, fading ballplayer
Quite  past his prime.
His body began to wear
And sickness set in
This was one ball game
He surely would not win
As he lay in bed,
He thought to himself
Now that I'm finished
All I have left
Are my dusty old trophies
And awards on my shelf.
Then as his life seeped away
Those nearest to him
Heard him faintly say,

I was the best
The best!
Now look at me.
I was the fastest, the strongest
A star,
That was me.
But now I lay here
My life is all done                        
And what does it matter
That I was once number one?

But though his life slipped away
His journey  has not ended
There will be a new day
For God will bring back
From out of the grave
Our once great player
Then his life will be saved
His youth restored
And he'll be given a chance
To live evermore
He'll be happy then
In this glorious new day
He'll jump up and shout
And this is what he'll say:

God is the best!
The best!
No one's greater than He!
The kindness and strongest
I was through,
Can't you see?
But due to God's mercy 
My life is not done
For I give thanks to Him
The true number one.

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