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The Side Trip
By Jon Westrick (January 14, 2003)

Twas the night before Christmas 
That old pagan day
We three young bachelors
Were off on our way
Headed for good times
And headed for fun
Away through the mountains
To the town of Lexington
Looking for young ladies
And friends we would meet
And hearing the Bible expounded
A most special treat
But the next day on our journey
A wrong turn we did make
Headed towards Greenville
It appeared a costly mistake
Then we turned back
Being miles out of our way
And we weren't even sure
If we'd make it that day
Fifty two, the road that was chosen
Covered with ice and snow
We'd surely be frozen.
But a scenic route it turned out to be
And oh so many wonders!
God's majesty, just amazing to see!

Traveling the Georgia mountains
Through the most beautiful hills
Around every turn
We saw nothing but thrills
Through winding roads
Deep, narrow, not wide
Sparkling icy trees
Stood by on each side
Many miles out of the way we went
But a  mistake?
No, this was heaven sent!
For God's glorious creation we witnessed
And God's majesty we saw
And at every curve we passed
Left us marveling in awe

Finally we came to one mountain high
And we continually ascended
It seemed right up to the sky
When we finally reached the top
We pulled the car over
And came to a stop
We stepped out for a look at the view
The number of sights that are like it
Are indeed very few
Valley below and hills far away
No way to describe it
For human words cannot say.
We were elated as away we did stare
Taking in all of God's beauty
And wonderment there
We were all happy
And in a mood filled with glee
And we all started to frolic
Johnathan, Ivan and Me.
Then when I didn't expect it at all
Johnathan got a good throw off
And pegged me with a snowball
What a wonderful morning
Such memories were spun
On our unforgettable trip
To old Lexington.

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