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By Jon Westrick (October 2001)

Wondering, Wondering...
Wondering about you.
How are you doing?
How have you been?
When will I get
To see you again?

Wondering, Wondering.
Wondering about you
How are you fairing?
Are you feeling quite blue?
I just can't stop
Wondering about you.
Are you happy, dear Rhonda?
Is everything fine?
Is school still tough?
Giving you a despicable time?

Wondering, Wondering.
Wondering about you.
What can  I do?
For my little friend, true.
What can I do to make you see?
Just how special you are to me
How many poems can I send
How many lines must I pen
If it took a million
This would I do
To show how much
I care for you.

Wondering, Wondering.
Wondering about you.
Do you care?
Yes, you care
But how much do you care?
This is the puzzle
That torments my mind
The answer it seems
Is elusive to find
But deep down I know it
I know it won't work
Deep down I know sadness awaits
Followed by pain and many heartaches
It's hopeless, yet still I hope
Pointless perhaps, yet I pray
That maybe one day.  Maybe one day
You'll soften up and look my way.

Oh, I'm wondering, wondering.
Wondering about you
I just keep on wondering
Where o' where will I find
The key to your heart.
The key to your mind.

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