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By Nathan Albright (2000)

What is your destiny,
And what will you do
To make your life a happy one,
To tell me all the things
That you have to say
Whenever I see you.
What will you do in life?
Will you be adventuresome
And see the world beyond Chile,
Your narrow homeland,
Or will you stay in your hometown,
A homebody,
Who will never see the truth
That all humans are really alike?
Will you marry someone,
A nice and handsome guy,
Or will you settle for less,
Or decide not to marry at all?
Will you stay in the church
And decide to follow
The way of God in old age
As you did when young?
Have you thought on these matters
So that you will be prepared
Whenever life gives you an option
In this odd, weird place?
What is my destiny?
What will I do
When I am older,
And out of formal education,
Whether by choice
Or by neccesity?
Will I become a minister
In the Church of God?
I wish I knew my future
But I cannot say
That I have seen it closely.
Will a beaituful and sweet girl
Fall in love with me,
Or will I remain single,
Without hope of romance
In this life I live?
All I know is that God
Has some plan for me,
But what it is
I do not know,
For the choice is His.
When He gives me chances
I will follow His way in faith,
But where I will end up
Is nothing more than conjecture,
Except that in the final cut
I will be in the Kingdom of God
With my name in the Book of Life
For all to see
Forever and ever.

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