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Haiku 1/18/01
By Nathan Albright (2001)

Tonight I slumber
Under the big harvest moon
In the autumn breeze.

In the dewey grass
I sleep out under the stars
Looking at the sky.

When I dream that night
I wonder what it is like
When a girl loves you.

But love is not there
When I wake up the next morn
Under a red sky.

As I turn to leave
I see the girl of my dreams
Staring up at me.

And I speak to her
Staring at her grace and form,
Hoping she's in love.

I wait to hear her
Say she is in love with me
As I speak with her.

But instead I hear 
She is in love with someone,
Another young man.

As I walk away
I wonder why my life stinks
When it comes to love.

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