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How does a first kiss feel?
By Nathan Albright (1999)

How does a first kiss feel?
Is it a magical moment,
Something to remember
For a lifetime,
And look back on
With fond memories
Of a moment immortalized
With the joining of two sets of lips?
Is it something embarrassing,
Slimy and disgusting,
Something that I will regret
When I look back on life,
Wondering why my first kiss
Was with the wrong person
At the wrong time?
Is it something ho-hum,
Nothing worth remembering,
And something that makes one wonder
What the fuss was all about,
And regret that so much
Emphasis was placed
On something as mundane as a kiss?
Is it something
That excites a fire,
A burning passion within-
Which, I must admit
Is common for young men
Around my unlucky age-
And leads one to do more
Than just kiss?
Is it amusing,
Something so ridiculously funny,
So awkward and uncomfortable,
That when one looks on the moment
From further on in life,
One laughs at the ignorance
Of a na´ve young man?
I wish that I knew,
So I could speak from the experience,
Not the wistful dreams of one
Who is unlucky in love,
And who, in matters of the heart,
Is rather poor in skill.
But everyone knows that by now,
Either by my loquaciousness,
Or by my habit to write
The depressing habits
Of a dismal love life.
What I want is for the moment
When my lips touch those
Of a sweet young lady
To be a special moment,
The dawning of an age
Of mature and responsible love,
And the search for someone
To spend my life with
As a wonderful wife,
With whom I will build a family.
Until then I only have dreams
Of what may come in my life,
Though experience will be lacking
Until I meet the right person-
And the right person is in love with me.
How does a first kiss feel?

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