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The Taste of Your Lipstick
By Nathan Albright (2000)

The taste of your lipstick
Still lingers on my lips,
A reminder of a moment
That has never occurred before.
Your advice was timeless,
First, we danced around in circles
On the floor of my dorm room,
Then held each other close,
In a warm embrace,
Then you asked me to close my eyes,
Which of course I did,
And then you kissed me.
It felt wonderful,
Not slimey or gross at all,
And we just kept on kissing,
Sucking each others' lips
Over and over again,
For what felt like forever.
I never dreamed
That a kiss would taste so sweet,
Especially from a friend.
Now I understand,
And I am glad you taught me
Just how a kiss shold be.
Only now I dream of kissing you again.
I know you kissed me as a friend,
But I cannot help but wonder
If you want me as more,
For my virgin lips have touched yours
And they will never be the same again.

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