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When Will It Be My Turn?
By Nathan Albright (2001)

When will it be my turn
To look into the light,
And instead of seeing the blinding sun,
Seeing a sweet and beautiful face
Looking at me
Telling me how much she is in love with me,
And meaning every word?
How long will I have to suffer alone
While others have their fun
And steal away the innocence
Of almost every girl to be found
Who is worth taking
Before it is my turn
To enjoy love
And all it can bring
To a lonely life?
When will it be my turn
To enjoy love,
And to see families rise
From two people
To large and happy households,
Large in love and life
If not in offspring?
Why must I wait
While everyone else
Has their turn at love
Ahead of me?
When will it be my turn?

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