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I'm Only One, But I'm Not Alone
By Nathan Albright (2001)

I'm only one, but not alone,
For although I stand
Representing only myself,
Besides me are others
Who share the same fight
Against the same foe,
And we stand together.
For I am only one,
But I am not lone,
For I stand for the law of God,
And I stand with my brethren,
And we are a peculiar people,
Who once were not a people,
But are now the sons and daughters of God.
I'm only one, but not alone,
For how can I be alone
When so many people are with me
Who share the same longing for God,
Thirst for His way of truth,
And the same seriousness about our lives?
I'm only one, but not alone,
For God is with me,
So who can be against me,
Who can withstand the Almighty God,
Or face His great wrath
When one attacks His chosen ones
Or makes their way difficult
And full of pitfalls?
I'm only one, but not alone,
Not by any means.

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