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World On My Shoulders
By Nathan Albright (2001)

Why does it feel that
There is a world on my shoulders,
A weight crushing me into the ground,
A burden I cannot bear?
Why must the weight of sorrow
Of endless rejection
Swallow the joy in my life
And lead me into depression?
Why must the weight of memory,
The burden of an ugly past,
Of embarassments and ridicule
Bear on my slender body?
Why must the crushing weight
Of so many expectations
Robe me of the ability
To overcome this life
This morass of despair?
Why must I feel
I carry a world on my shoulders,
For I am only one
And a melancholy one at that?
Why can't I feel
That I am really wanted,
And really loved,
And why must I feel
Like an outsider all the time,
An outsider with a world on my shoulders?

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