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Sunshine After The Rain
By Nathan Albright (2002)

I am the silver lining
In the cloud of darkness
That leads in our lives
To much unhappiness and pining.
I am the kind words
In a sea of acrimony
To bind up the wounds
From verbal swords.
I am memory alive
In an age of forgetfullness
And where so often
What we know of the past is a lie.
I am the sunshine after the rain,
The pleasant light
To purge the darkness
And help ease the pain.
But it not through my power,
Small as that is,
That I help you
At this late hour.
It is God alone
Who is the gude
Of all of us sojourners
So far away from home.
So praise Him above all,
For He gives us the strength
To help out each other
And pick each up when we fall.
So let us come together
So we are no longer alone
And at the edge of survival,
So that we can withstand stormy weather.
But remember in your pain
That I am here to help you
Overcome the threatening waves,
For I am the sunshine after the rain.

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