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By Nathan Albright (2000)

You teach fifth graders
Who call you Miss T,
But do they know
That you taught a lonely young man
How to kiss?
As they stare into your face,
And give you so much respect,
Do they know that our lips locked
For what seemed like
A sweet eternity.
we are complicated,
More so than we admit.
While you teach kids
How to multiply and divide,
And how to spell and write,
Do they know you
Made this young man
Feel for the first time
Just how sweet kisses are.
You are a teacher,
And you sure taught me,
Quite a lot about love,
though you did so as a friend,
And not as a lover.
You can feel proud
To be the lucky girl
Who was the first one
To kiss me.
Who knows if we
Shall ever kiss again,
But know that for once
I know what I had
Been missing during
Those awkward teenage years,
And teacher,
That is enough.

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