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Into The Unknown
By Nathan Albright (2002)

And so we go
Into the unknown
For such is our lives,
For our miseries
Our sadness,
And our hope
Drive us ever onward
Further and further
From all we have ever known.
Our destiny
Lies on a path
Into the unknown,
For though the end is sure,
The road is long,
And is quite difficult,
And so on we go
Ever facing difficulty
At every turn,
And challenges
With every twist of fate.
And so we all
Find that no matter
How much we like strange places,
Or meeting unfamiliar faces,
Or how little
We enjoy this things,
It does not matter,
For no matter what we do,
Whether nothing at all,
Or great exploits,
Whether we travel far away,
Or never leave the narrow confines
Of the small places
Where we are from,
One thing is a constant,
That our lives will take us
Into the unknown.

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