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Dead Ramble
By Shannon Giel (1999)

blissful peaceful dreams in death
Rhapsody of the soulless breath
lies to guide you, lies to lose
hateful, spiteful, wrathful tongues
rising voices and darkened thoughts
we lack the skill to speak our mind

Pityless eyes, merciless hearts
Savage grabbings hands cease all
Vengeful, loving tombs of life
We've forgotten how to be ourselves
Locked in statues, those golden molds
Never moving, never free

Forgotten goals, forgotten humanity
Barbarian hungers, bloodthirsty souls
reaching, scratching, they rend the flesh
eternally etched on our iron skin

light unsee, to dwell in darkness
We've lost our way, we dare not speak
So wrapped we stay in our guilded cage
Memories faded, thoughts repressed
Humanity silenced, civility broken
Within the darkness we have no voice

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