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Reflected Glass
By Shannon Giel (2001)

looking in the mirror , I decay a bit each day
Eyes grow weary, eyes grow dark
they tell a story, whispered soft
and aging a day, i start to fade away
you say i've grown, you say i never changed
but each word you say, you say alone
looking in the mirror each day, i fall a bit more
the girl turns away, she vanishes more each time
but sometimes i remember her, fleeting as she was
and you say i haven't changed
oh but you say i've changed so much
and each day i see the image fade
just a little at a time,
the darkness shows through more each day
behind the cracked and shattered glass
and each day i look, the image fractures more
but oh you say i haven't changed
but i know the truth and look away
each day i face decay, slowly fading away
sometimes the reflection is a stranger
but looking twice i see parts of me
and you say i haven't changed
but oh you've said i'm not me
looking in the mirror, the reflection has gone...

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