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An Answer to Confusion
By Bobby Russ (1997)

NOTE: This poem is a response to So Confused by Shannon Giel

My only love, I see you’ve lost something
I hear your cries in the night
Many tears the days bring
as the sun shines bright. Listen to my gentle voice. Be reassured, my love. You are not out of my heart. Never could you be. Many days we were apart, but always I thought of you. Wanting to see you again And to hold you close. Wanting to hear those three words coming from your heart. Alone I sat many times crying For I missed you. My love, I am coming back to you. No longer will you have to wait In a heatless room. -- No más -- Together we shall be If you open your arms And let me be your man For forever and a day. No longer will we have to be desired far away For I will always be there to hold you and to care. Our chance is here. I want us to be happy. We can take the path Filled with glee. Let us always be.

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