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So Confused
By Shannon Giel (1997)

NOTE: This poem was answered by An Answer to Confusion by Bobby Russ

My only love, I see I've lost too much
Cry out into the night, a song upon the wind
Listen to the window, listen for a soul
For I am lost upon the winds that blew away my heart

Sing to the stars of love
I weep and wonder how
For who are you, but an empty name?
A name without a face...

A bird's song dances in my soul
A picture of shimmering beauty
But clouds fade away and night-time sets
I see not who you are

Alone I sit in a heatless room
Wondering if I'll see you soon
I shake my head in wonder, 
that fate has dealt this blow

Time will pass and all will age
My time is running out
If I miss this chance today
The stars will surely fall

I stand alone on a deserted road
I've missed the bus today
Lonely is the cold hard ground
So sad are those around

I lost the chance and so I weep
But not for you or I
I cry for happiness, oh how it was never found
And weep for painless death

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