Secfenia: Age of the Viceroy (1994 - 2002)

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Secfenia has been a brand of RPG games that started off in 1994 using the name Star Trip. It was later converted into Secfenia which became Secfenia: Age of the Viceroy to reference the game. Secfenia has been remade into an online RPG with an IG, forum, and tavern system intertwined to give it's players a unique experience. It is still being updated and worked on. This page is not for that version of Secfenia, but the historical version.

Secfenia: Age of the Viceroy was originally a play by mail/email RPG that converted to an online/offline merged experience during the early days of what most today think of the web. We used online forums/groups/newsgroups as interconnected areas. Our old website is long lost...

Secfenia used no dice, but instead relied on the creativity and imagination of all role-players. The Game Moderator (GM) helped decides the outcomes of situations. In Secfenia, the use of technology, magic, trickery, politics, and more was common place! Secfenia was a world filled with mystery, knowledge, and challenges. Could you rule the world, rule your nation, or even rule yourself in Secfenia?

Secfenia: Age of the Viceroy is no longer played, but this site stays up as a reminder of fun past... Want to share stories with us? Then goto our contact area and let us hear them!.