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Credits for the RPG Secfenia

Crediting everyone that should be credited can be a long process and sometimes unfortunately we miss a few people.

I'd like to start off by thanking some of our original players years back that played under the "old" name. I'd like to thank Billy Bishop, Stuart Merchant, Nathan Albright, Ivan Veller, and the other who started off with us years ago.

As the years passed, Secfenia gained in members and some really came through to help us. Andy Carabino was one of those people. He started the first website for Secfenia. The pages were well done and his contribution to Secfenia will be forever remembered. He was an awesome friend and fellow role-player. Some of his ideas from the website are still in use.

Nathan Albright is another very important person in the world of Secfenia. He has played with us for years. He has contributed many ideas and it is hard now to imagine what the world of Secfenia would have looked like without him playing. To try to imagine, is futile because a lot of his ideas are woven so tightly into Secfenia, that without them, it would not be Secfenia. Thanks for all the years and the years to come!

I want to also thank Jarrod Jabre for his years of contributions including the International Monetary Exchange (for a bit) as well as the web suggestions and awesome role-playing he contributed. Over the time, I learned more and more and started a friendship I won't easily forget.

I also want to take the time and thank all the players who have played with Secfenia, currently play with Secfenia, and will play in the future with Secfenia.


Bobby L. Russ
Secfenia RPG Game Moderator (1994-2002)

Updated 4/30/02