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Nathan Albright

Born on July 16, 1981 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, this poet has written on and off since the age of seven. Starting with limericks, and advancing onward to sonnets, blank verse, haiku, and other forms of poetry, the poetry has improved with practice. Raised in Plant City, Florida, most of the childhood poetry was about rural life. Upon moving to Tampa during high school, other topics (especially that of rejection, isolation, and love) became prevelant. While the poet now resides in Los Angeles, California, and is a student at the University of Southern California majoring in Civil (Structural) Engineering with a minor in history, at least once a day a poem goes into his personal journal. Only a small fraction of the rather large body of work of this poet, playwright, and writer have been published. He worked on the Secfenia Dark series with Bobby Russ. Some of his poetry has been included here, as well as on the site. He has written 9 complete plays (and others that are in various stages of writer's block). This poet still writes many songs about unrequited love, as it is still an issue. Hopefully, though, sometime soon this poet will have good reason to write happier love poems rather than dwell on the frequent rejection. While some people love his poems, and some people hate his poems, most people agree that the poems are, in general, easy to understand and very direct. In general a loud and extroverted person, Nathan uses poetry as yet another form of communicating to himself and to others issues of importance as well as thoughts and emotions that demand attention.

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